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Most musculoskeletal injuries don’t require surgery to treat if they’re caught soon enough, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t painful. At Broadway Orthopedic and Sports Medicine of Ohio, located in Cleveland, we’ve been providing safe, effective treatments for musculoskeletal injuries since 2004. Many of the injuries we see occured when workers were on the job, and until they’re treated, it may not be safe for the worker to return. But since acute injuries often result from years of degeneration, our holistic practice won’t just treat the symptoms or paper over them with drugs. Instead, we put the body in the best position to heal itself and help patients develop a lifestyle that will allow them to sustain their health and remain active without pain.

Although workers can suffer all sorts of injuries, some of the most common are pain in the lower back, neck, and knees. Chiropractors like Dr. James O’Reilly aren’t just people who “pop” the back when it’s feeling sore; they’re experts in joint alignment and offer numerous complementary therapies to rebuild joint integrity. Although a strained muscle or sprained ligament is serious enough to merit treatment in its own right, damaged joints are not always able to recover quickly on their own and can have implications for other body parts. When a disc in the neck ruptures or something is pressing down on a nerve root for any other reason, a person may feel shocks along the nerve all the way into their hand. The same works in reverse, with pressure in the carpal tunnel radiating up the arm, and a similar principle applies to nerves in the legs that emerge from the spine in the lower back and whose blockage causes sciatica symptoms.

Treatments at Dr. O’Reilly’s Cleveland office are focused on reducing inflammation, removing impingements, and preparing the patient for therapeutic exercises that will rebuild their strength and flexibility. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer decompression for disc herniations, physical therapy to regain your strength and motion, acupuncture to reduce pain, and therapeutic massage to ease soreness and heal soft tissues.. Each plan for recovery is made in consultation with the patient to help them achieve their personal goals, whether that means strengthening them for physical labor or improving their posture while seated at a workstation or behind the wheel. We also work with federal and state workers’ compensation programs to help keep our services accessible to the people who need them and who shouldn’t have to choose between their jobs and their health.

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